Monday, July 17, 2006

flickr soap wsdl

so, lets just get into it. i'm a developer, to be more specific i am mostly a java server side developer. i have been reading a little into mashups and been considering creating a site that compiles blogger feeds, flickr photos, and links. now i'm sure this must have been done a thousand times before but i cannot find a template web application or service which provides these three popular services together - can anyone help me out here??

if i don't find them, i suppose i will have to create it myself, which i don't mind really. however, i started looking into the flickr web services. i understand it offers its web services in many formats - soap, rest etc, however in java, I am most aclined to using eclipse to get going by creating an axis soap client using a wizard which is generated off the wsdl. However, it seems there is no wsdl file available from flickr. i assume there are there good arguments for not releasing this when they are easily generatable, can anyone fill me in?

btw. i know there is a java client api in development. flickrj, but it seems a very early version and will be a while until it is less error prone.

anyways, I'm off to sleep, or at least try to in this london heatwave... my firefox weather extension, forecastfox, is telling me its still 75 degrees farenheight outside right now, here we go.


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