Wednesday, June 03, 2009

TDA - Technical Design Authority


What are the responsibilities of the TDA?

  • Review the Solution Architecture
  • Review the Architecturally Significant Scenarios
  • Review the Architecture Quality Attributes
  • Review any Architectural Risks and Issues


Why does the TDA need to do this?

  • Validate Solution Architecture (Quality, Business Architecture Alignment and Requirements Compliance etc.)
  • Validate Architecture Progress
  • Resolve Architecture Issues
  • Lead Architecture Direction
  • Manage Technical Risks


Who is in the TDA?

  • CTO
  • Enterprise Architect (Lead)
  • Solution Architect
  • Business Architect
  • Third Party Architecture Leads
  • Key Business Stakeholders
  • Programme/Solution Delivery Manager


When will the TDA meet?


·         A regular TDA Review Meeting will take place (frequency depending on programme size - fortnightly is suggested). 


How will the TDA Review Meeting function?


Two business days before the before the meeting the following will take place:

  • TDA Lead to publish the TDA Review Agenda
  • TDA Lead to publish Solution Architecture Document and related artefacts

Before the meeting begins:

  • TDA Members to read TDA Review Agenda and prepare where appropriate
  • TDA Members to read Solution Architecture Document and related artefacts

And during the meeting:

  • TDA Lead to go through the agenda items, risks and issues
  • TDA to discuss Solution Architecture, issues etc.
  • TDA Lead to capture issues



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