Monday, September 18, 2006

fc shtora

i play football on wednesday evenings for a 5-a-side team we collectively named fc shtora. we play at the catford powerleague by the train station in south east london, and after originally wincing at the number of bans for violent conduct on the club house noticeboard each week, we decided to join the wednesday night league.

we started the season badly, most teams coming across younger, fitter and collectively more skillful. however, some of these teams have been playing together for years and we are just starting out, so we told ourselves to give it time.

slowly our patience is paying off. we were getting closer and closer to getting a result, and last wednesday we finally got our first win - and an empathic one it was as we won 21-9.

the team blog is a little slow in being updated - but you can check it out as i have added it to the side panel.

Shtora is a Russian electro-optical countermeasures suite, and if you want to know more follow this wikipedia link and this link.


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