Friday, October 05, 2012

Qualities of an Architect

Here's a useful set of qualities required in an architect that I found in a comment from Kevin Lee Smith on Chris Eaton's excellent blog.

They are always looking to understand what the perfect solution can be but tempering that with a more commercial and tactical view that relates to the realities of getting things done.

They are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do and how they do it.

They see all things from Supercomputers to paper, pencils and people as possible solutions to business problems and will propose the best fit for any given context not what their favourite is.

They are at home communicating with everyone from the board to the graduate programmer or claims clerk and in scales from one to one to speaking to hundreds at conferences.

They will not be steamrollered and will stand up for what they believe in.

They are focused on long term and lasting benefits rather than short term benefits which compromise long term objectives.

They are selfless, and always focused on what is best for the organisation not what is best for them.

They are sensitive to other peoples drivers and the political context.

They are open to critique and happy to be proved wrong and will assimilate and apply new information as it arises.

They have a Broad base of technical and business experience.

They persuade others of their views and the way forward rather than dictating.

They pick up and assimilate new information quickly and easily and are always open to new ideas, businesses, technologies and processes.

They have a nose to seek out things that don’t makes sense or could pose threats and risks and the ability to get to the bottom of them.

They abstract levels of detail to a higher levels to aid understanding and to see relationships and patterns.

They seek to expose pertinent information to business leaders to enable them to make more informed decisions.

They guide discussions and workshops in order to get the best out of people.

The lead, motivate, inspire and enable others to reach their potential and create the environment where people want to follow them.


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