Friday, July 21, 2006

the server side java symposium europe

i went along to's european java symposium this year, which was held in barcelona, a city i had always wanted to visit but had never had the change to up until this point.

it is a magnificent city, beautiful hills surrounding the outskirts of the city, a beach full of revellers (especially on friday night when the local's were celebrating st john's day, the patron saint of the city), a great atmosphere when wandering down the ramblers, intriguing lanes every which way you turn, and the architecture is like no other in europe led by the fairytale creations of the extrodinarily creative, imaginative and innovative gaudi.

back to the conference. well that was great too, it was my first conference actually, and i didn't realise how much you could learn in such a small space of time, its quite unreal. apart from the general highlights and sessions, just the general education you get from listening to your peers, about the way they think, about trends in the industry, about ways to approach technology, the list goes on.

one thing i discovered along these lines was how to approach new technologies. i am certainly an advocate for change and trying new things, but i suppose my problem is finding time to discover new technologies, to play with them, and while using this continuous learning pattern to go on to approach problems with a completely open mind. well, now i know i must find time to dedicate to r&d (i suppose you could call it) because i know will save time on my actual planning, design and development by using the newer, simpler and more feature rich frameworks, libraries and tools.

more about my actual favourite sessions later, as for now i must run to work to create a ten minute presentation summarising the conference and present it to my group this afternoon... its funny, i could talk for ten minutes easy on each session i attended, but getting ten minutes to summarise the conference, now thats actually harder... fingers crossed eh.

Monday, July 17, 2006

flickr soap wsdl

so, lets just get into it. i'm a developer, to be more specific i am mostly a java server side developer. i have been reading a little into mashups and been considering creating a site that compiles blogger feeds, flickr photos, and links. now i'm sure this must have been done a thousand times before but i cannot find a template web application or service which provides these three popular services together - can anyone help me out here??

if i don't find them, i suppose i will have to create it myself, which i don't mind really. however, i started looking into the flickr web services. i understand it offers its web services in many formats - soap, rest etc, however in java, I am most aclined to using eclipse to get going by creating an axis soap client using a wizard which is generated off the wsdl. However, it seems there is no wsdl file available from flickr. i assume there are there good arguments for not releasing this when they are easily generatable, can anyone fill me in?

btw. i know there is a java client api in development. flickrj, but it seems a very early version and will be a while until it is less error prone.

anyways, I'm off to sleep, or at least try to in this london heatwave... my firefox weather extension, forecastfox, is telling me its still 75 degrees farenheight outside right now, here we go.